Apparently there is an overabundance of snow in the Eastern part of the continent at the moment… we rarely get much real snow around here, but the Quimper Hitty human rescued a handful of snowdrops from a gutter yesterday and brought them home to be admired…

A little bit Higher

A little bit Higher

…Gilly wanted to have a closer look…



…aren’t they lovely.




17 thoughts on “Snowdrops

  1. Just what we needed!!!! A drop of life…and a bit of hope!!!! We in Sutton didn’t get any of that Jonas snow but still have our fair share on the ground and welcome the sight of precious Gilly and those lovely little flowers!!!!

  2. Yes, the snowdrops are very lovely…you’ve caught Gilly in a very curious moment…I highly admire your ability to follow your artistic dolls around. It seems like everything they do is like a book or painting…how fortunate we are that you capture all of that for us…thank you!

    • I feel like I am learning a lot about photography (slowly) by doing this blog…I only wish there was better light more often and for longer, because that is when I seem to capture the best pictures…but the Hittys have fun nevertheless, even on a dark dull day! Thank you so much for saying so when you enjoy the blog, comments mean the world to me!

  3. Oooh the snowdrops are gorgeous and Gilly is enchanting! Our grandson announced to us the other day that he can feel springtime on the way. We were delighted with his pronouncement, as we are feeling rather done with winter. Sadly, winter is not done with us. Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures!

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