Mary Ann Hardinge, Her Work

Mary Ann Hardinge, Her Work

As a result of the crocodile-smuggling incident Mary Ann is earnestly trying to instil the virtuous thirst of doing good in the block twins. She has decided to point out some salutary morals found in Samplers.  This one was stitched at the Mountmellick Quaker School in 1828, by a relative of the QH human. The motto is adapted from a play written by Hannah More, an 18th century bluestocking.

Click here for the Wiki entry on Hannah More, a very interesting and forward-thinking lady who lived in England in the 1700’s.




Mary Ann aspires to sweet domesticity, polished by softness and warmed by virtue.



And here is another reference to virtue – a useful guide to follow when trying to avoid the sting of woe!

Sounds Hard

Sounds Hard

The block twins don’t feel any stings of woe and their passions are not yet corrected, nor subdu’d. In fact they rather thought that the crocodile-rescue WAS virtuous!

Mary Vallance, Her Work

Mary Vallance, Her Work

After being abandoned by the twins, Mary Ann felt a bit crestfallen. But in her personal search for goodness, she wants to study the motto on this sampler, which was stitched by a relative of the QH’s favourite photographer.



Meanwhile Rose is sorting through the darning wool, trying to match the crocodile’s poor injured foot. She is having trouble making a selection that will blend in…





18 thoughts on “Virtue

  1. It is obvious talent runs in QH family! No doubt the block twins will find a way to unleash theirs…superb work! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Poor Mary Ann… but, no one could really want the Block Twins to give up their mischief, could they?
    And, perhaps Rose could re-consider her decision to try to hide the patch on Croc’s foot, and turn it into a celebration instead? Perhaps a merry color that would be the source of delight and a memento of the kindness that the Croc has known in the Quimper Hitty cupboard?

    • I think, with their approach to life, that the Block Twins will find themselves in mischief rather more often than not! We are leaving the patching, darning and colour decisions to Rose…

  3. I have to admit sympathy for the block sisters and their need to escape the lectures. I suspect Mary Ann welcomes the challenge as somehow good for her own soul.

    • All the Quimper Hittys are encouraged to find their own way in their individual searches for truth and meaning – I would hate for the block sisters to live life with less enthusiasm, and also respect Mary Ann’s desire to follow the words and sentiments that make sense to her.

  4. Wowwwwww! Those are Exquisite! I can see why the block sisters would rather think of easier adventures… That stitchery is just daunting!

  5. my support is behind the block sisters. “sweet domesticity” now that is something to long for! I think Croc should have a creative patch, something to celebrate his new domestic friends.

  6. Mary Ann is a breath of fresh air , so sweet and gentle. It is lovely that you have such a variety of personalities. The block heads are a delight…ALL the Quimper HIttys are such fun. and good luck to Rose on her mission of Croc mercy!!

    • We love Mary Anne too, she does infuse her “angel kindness” into situations of distress, and earnestly wants everyone to avoid the “stings of woe”. Her methods aren’t for everyone however.

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