Patched Up



Opal and Agathe had the job of temporarily anaesthetising the crocodile…they accomplished this with home made doughnuts…



Mending Yarn

Mending Yarn

Having succumbed to a sugar coma,  the crocodile was attended to by Rose, who got to work with her old sock patch and mending yarn…

Band Aid

Band Aid

and after the successful surgery, she applied a protective bandaid.




The revived crocodile headed back to the swamp, and we may have been making assumptions referring to it as “him”.  Apparently the crocodile left Opal, Agathe and Rose a thank you present…

We appreciated all the suggestions about colourful or celebratory patches, but as she had to return to her natural habitat, we felt the more unobtrusive the patch, the more likely she was to survive in the wild.  Survival of the fittest and all that.

Happy Darwin Day!





14 thoughts on “Patched Up

  1. My sister just had the first stage of a root canal. I wonder if a doughnut would have worked for her during the surgery? The Quimper HIttys are very thoughtful girls!!

  2. such courage! Happy to learn the operation was a rousing success and all survived. Hmmm that egg mayprove to be quite interesting.

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