This picture of Min was taken by my son in June of 2011…before I ever started writing this blog.  It is one of my favourite pictures of all time, not to mention one of my favourite pictures of my Quimper Hitty family.

I don’t usually wax lyrical about myself, but today I have a good reason to do so…I started writing a blog because there was a big hole in my life. I had carved a Hitty doll (Linnea) for my mother in 2010, and our dolls used to visit, write and send pictures to each other for fun.  When my mother died, my husband (the Hitty’s favourite photographer) decided to learn how to do a blog, so he could teach me.  He also bought me a better camera so I could keep having storytelling and imaginative fun with my dolls.

Today I am celebrating the one thousandth Quimper Hitty blog post!  I could never have imagined all the fun, the nice people, the particular points of view and the expanding universe of Hittys that writing this blog would bring.  

Have you ever wondered what it is like “behind the scenes”?  Click here for the “About” page where there are some pictures of the picture-taking, and you can see what fun it is on the other side of the camera!

I want to seriously and genuinely wish you a thousand heartfelt thanks, and love to you all – I am so glad you are having fun alongside me.




26 thoughts on “Mil

  1. This is a wonderful picture of Min and a friend. It reminds me of an old family portrait. I can imagine the two of them in one of those oval frames with the bubble glass on the front. A thousand stories! What a tribute to your creative thinking. I can’t wait for the Pirate stories!

  2. Dear Hitty friend, quite an accomplishment!! Bravo, congratulations and most of all, THANK YOU!!!! I for one have become addicted to starting my day with you…you bring sunshine and smiles in each day…I much look forward to your creative posts. A heartfelt thank you and a super Hitty hug go West to you and to favorite photographer!!!

  3. Many there be many more “mil” postings as you stretch towards the 2,000 mark and then 3,000…wouldn’t that be glorious!

    Tears came to my eyes, not realizing you had lost your mom in the past. I understand that loss. Again, many thanks for your blog…it is an artistic highlight in my life………….how might you celebrate this “mi”estone? Tea and cake?

    Take care.

  4. my Mom collected dolls, I don’t think she knew of Hittys but I often think how she would have loved your girls and their stories. It is a great pleasure to occasionally meet you and with a sweet smile you ask if I want to see who is in your pocket – silly question. Thank you so much for all the pleasure the Hittys, you and your favorite photographer bring to this troubled world. I too, have been wondering about a book – or a series. Congratulations!

    • You are very welcome and thank you! Whichever Hitty is in my pocket is good company, and it is nice to share the pleasure with one who understands. If I ever get a book together, I’ll let you know!

  5. How wonderful for all of us that you started this blog. Your generosity, talent and creativity are a gift that I treasure. this is indeed a wonderful photo and an even more wonderful post. congratulations on 1000 marvelous posts!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this tender and moving narrative of how this wonderful blog came into existence. It brought tears to my eyes. I am sure your mother is still playfully and lovingly involved in all your wonderful Hitty escapades and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to know that she initializes (in your heart) some of the scenarios you come up with. What a wonderful and loving family you have surrounding you both in spirit, human and wooden. This fun and love has far reaching effects through your blog. Happy 1000th and many many more.

    • You are very welcome. The normal state of affairs around here is that my wooden and human family both drive me crazy and keep me sane, and I learn from, and am grateful for them all. Thank you for your vote of confidence, I hope that Quimper Hittys will keep having fun for a long time yet!

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