Constance and I enjoy our walks home from work.  Our route varies, but yesterday we went past shops…



…along picket-fence bordered sidewalks…



…and through a national historic site.



 We rested a bit at our favourite viewpoint…

Lap Cat

Lap Cat

…and arrived home to the welcome of purring lap cats and cups of restorative tea.




12 thoughts on “Homewalk

  1. How wonderful to be able to shre your working day and walk home with Constance.
    You gave us our first view of the sea this year! I must take Mary and Roberta to Borth or Aberystwyth again soon.

    • The walk home is always changing and having a Hitty along makes it even more interesting! We are lucky the salt chuck is very close to the Hitty Cupboard, and we see it almost every day!

    • These days you never know what the weather is going to throw at you! Sometimes we sing the whole way home, and sometimes we scuttle hurriedly dodging squalls and showers…those are the days that we don’t get out the camera!

  2. Yours and Constance’s eyes are full of natural and man-made wonders! Thanks for sharing them with us….especially liked that red view chair.

    • We love our walk home, and it isn’t really a diminishing experience, still we do find the cup of tea very restorative afterwards. I suppose a cup during the walk would be sustaining…we might try that some time!

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