Marching Home



It must be March – our walk home from work yesterday started blustery and ended up sunny.  On the beach we passed a barge that had separated from its tow lines and wedged itself into the sand. There were anxious workers on and around the barge, making plans to lift it off the beach.

Fence Walk

Fence Walk

…further along we found the much more restful sight of blossoming bush of pink florets arching over a rail fence…

Ross Bay Cemetery

Ross Bay Cemetery

…and having made it as far as Ross Bay Cemetery, we took the opportunity to sit and contemplate the transience of life…

Hot Cross Bun

Hot Cross Bun

…and arriving home, we were welcomed by a purring cats and a hot cross bun!




12 thoughts on “Marching Home

  1. What a lovely place to walk…you really bring out the beauty, adventure and life in your area. Thank you for bringing it to us through your lens and words and of course, with your Hittys. They provide us with so much companionship.

  2. Thank you for sharing grass, leaves and flowers….we woke up to two inches of new snow this morning….we’re praying it’s a last hurrah!!! Girls are anxious to put on their Spring attire!!!

    • We were glad when the bargees told us about their re-floating plan…it was an eyesore, and a danger to people and the environment…the rest of the walk was much more calming!

  3. I heard on the CBC that they got the barge off in the high Spring tide last night. Ross Bay is one of my favorite wanders – so much history, I always visit Emily Carr. Yumm to the hot cross buns – and purring cats. Bliss.

  4. Really glad that Grainne was not along on this walk…she might have been tempted to a bit of barge piracy!! Love the walk with the flowering shrubs and the restful cemetery. Thanks for a nice walk.

  5. Wonderful to have a hitty especially Constance share the walk home. so many interesting things to view and photograph….That hot cross bun looks delicious

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