Is it sick?

Opal discovered an interesting fact about crocodile eggs, but Agathe became anxious when she got out the thermometer!


Are You Kidding Me?

It seems that the sex of the baby crocodile is dependent on the temperature at which the egg is incubated…



…if the egg incubates at between 31.8 and 34.5 degrees C, a bouncing baby boy crocodile will emerge, but less than 31.7 degrees C, or above 34.6 will produce a girl!

It's a girl!

It’s a girl!

It’s a girl, or will be when it hatches.




This calls for a change of decor!






10 thoughts on “Temperature

  1. Crocodiles are renowned for being excellent mothers…. I hope the Block Sisters are able to send a message back to the swamp once their CrocoNiece hatches 🙂 I’m sure that her Mamma will be thrilled!

  2. ah, these nursemaids are amazing…can’t wait to see their faces when the day of hatching arrives. The girls look very intense in their tasks here.

  3. OH how exciting!! The Country HIttys are quite intrigued….but I confess they are also muttering about the old parable of the snake and its nature….hopeful the baby crockette is a sweet baby.

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