Tansy goes to Ottawa 2

Colleagues and Friends

Colleagues and Friends

Tansy went on a working trip to Ottawa, and while there she met a new friend…

Caterina Florio and small Colleague

Caterina Florio and small Colleague

They have been working at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau Quebec, installing an exhibit about the 1860’s Gold Rush in British Columbia.



The Dress

The Dress

This dress is one of the pieces that traveled from the Royal BC Museum to Ottawa. Months of textile conservation work went into making the dress displayable.

Tansy suggests you click on This Link if you want to see a bit of the conservation process the dress had to undergo (the Quimper Hitty Human will not win any awards, but does have a supporting role in the video!)

We were all very glad to see the dress survived the move intact and was installed in Ottawa without any issues!


Viking Weaving

Viking Weaving

Elsewhere, in the Great Hall of the Museum there was a display of Viking crafts with people explaining their equipment and techniques.  This display augmented a traveling exhibit concerning Vikings…



…Tansy wondered about the hard lives of  Vikings who homesteaded in L’Anse aux Meadows.  Click here to read about the Vikings who settled in this part of what is now Canada.



Tansy felt very regal seated upon the Viking Throne, but thought the sofas were more comfortable in the lobby of the Chateau Laurier!



16 thoughts on “Tansy goes to Ottawa 2

  1. Once again I fall in love with all these beautiful and creative people, with you too my dear blogger friend, how amazing, how beautiful you are. Thank you, you make my day always. I shared with my readers too now, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

    • That was a very complicated treatment, we are not usually so involved, but this dress was special. I helped mostly on the underpinnings, and my colleague worked on the bodice and skirt. We were glad with the result!

  2. What a wonderful area you live in…so rich in so many things…but, you are also one of those who take advantage of what is offered and kindly share it with us. Thank you! It’s always a fascinating time with the QHs.

  3. O.K. This is a common occurrence. I open up your new story/episode and see something that makes me laugh out loud…it can reoccur when I least expect it. I might be shopping at the food store and for some reason get a mental picture of the block twins bathing little crockette and find myself laughing in the store and then looking around to see if someone is looking at that looney lady who is laughing to herself…. there are sooooooo many hilarious frames that keep me cracking up all week long. Viewing Tansy in the middle of the table with that macho man posing with her will keep me and my sister laughing for a long long time. I would have loved to hear the conversation that preceded that photo.

    • No, there were no underpinnings, the dress had been worn and remade at least once since its original use. The manikin was carved to emulate the shape of a corseted and bum-rolled lady, I made the chemise, petticoat and crinoline, and we had a pair of engageantes in the collection that was perfect for the period.

  4. That was fascinating seeing you at work on that crinoline and seeing the conservation in progress. And of course seeing the fearless Tansy in the middle of everything is always a joy!

  5. love seeing the inner/under workings of dress reconstruction, it looks marvelous. tansy looks a bit lost on the Viking throne. do you mind if I include a link to the dress video on my blog? very interesting.

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