A Mammoth Undertaking

Over there please

Over there please

The human’s day job at the Museum is extremely busy at the moment…

…luckily Constance is always ready to pitch in and help!

Click Here to see what’s coming!

10 thoughts on “A Mammoth Undertaking

  1. Your museum will indeed be grateful for the help of the steady Constance and her mistress. How long might this exhibit take to set up? Looks like a gigantic type of undertaking.

  2. My Hittys want to know where they can find a Proboscidean Family Tree so their human can carve a Hitty from such awesome wood. They won’t listen to reason.
    Working at this museum seems absolutely thrilling, exciting and interesting to me. I expect what goes on behind the scenes is meticulous planning, work and effort with lots of stress thrown in before the exhibit is ready to view.

    • Yes, all that, plus inevitably things go sideways! A calm personality is a bonus in these situations…Constance is an oasis of calm! The Proboscids family tree is interesting, but alas, no wood will be forthcoming. On the other hand, Opal and Agathe are carved from Swamp Kauri wood, and their tree was alive when mammoths were, (though there weren’t any in New Zealand where their tree came from)

    • The new exhibit comes from the Field Museum in Chicago, and has lots of “interactives”. Your kids will probably love it…also a very special baby mammoth is coming to town!

  3. I have seen photos of that baby mammoth.. I am sure it will be a huge hit with the visitors. This event really does look like a HUGE amount of work for Contance and her human. I love her outfit and clipboard by the way. Good luck with everything!

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