On the way

 Constance has accompanied the Quimper Hitty human on an expedition to the interior of The Province.  We had breakfast on the ferry…


…and gazed out the window until time to disembark.


After two hours of driving East, we stopped for lunch at the Othello Tunnels, a series of four tunnels in a row with railway bridges in between.


The view from the trestle bridges down into the chasm below was quite dizzying!

Another few hours drive , this time in a northerly direction brought us into the mountains-this is one of our favourite places on the drive.

And a little further north we came to the dry interior part of the province, where Constance and I will be working for several days. We are busy, and rather tired at the end of the day, so Blogs may be thin on the ground for a little while…my apologies!






8 thoughts on “On the way

  1. These photos are beautiful. Canada is stunning. Glad you have Constance along to keep you company. Hope whatever your project is, will be interesting and fruitful.

  2. How wonderful to have some time alone with Constance…a girls expedition together. I trust you will give each other solace and enjoyment as you complete your task there mid-province. Thanks for bringing us along.

  3. Hoping your stay is not too exhausting. I am sure that Constance will be a great co worker and companion! Have some fun and “see” you back here soon.

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