Colourful Inflorescence

Colourful Inflorescence

The Block twins found some beautiful flowers in our garden…



Part of the Iris family

Part of the Iris family

…they’re called Crocosmia.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

They thought that Crocodiles would be interested in a plant called Crocosmia, and picked some for their former pet.



When they went down to the driftwood pile, the two crocs sniffed politely…



…but weren’t all that interested in flowers, or playing Hitty games.

Bouquet for the cupboard

Bouquet for the cupboard

Constance consoled them – wild animals prefer to live outdoors, and don’t really enjoy the same things that Hittys do.

We love fresh-picked flower bouquets, and the Crocosmia brightens up the Hitty Cupboard just beautifully!!





16 thoughts on “Crocosmia

    • Those flowers do brighten the spirits! Opal and Agathe are very fond of orange and red! Not sure if the crocs are very playful, now they’ve grown up a bit, their main activity seems to be lurking.

  1. Constance is always a loving and supportive presence. I’m glad she was there to console the block twins when their gift wasn’t valued by the crocs. Wild creatures treasures aren’t the same as human and Hitty treasures… a difficult lesson to learn. Those orange little trumpet shaped flowers are striking. I don’t think I have ever seen them before. The vibrant orange color looked so pretty next to the block twins’ dresses and pinafore. That little blue vase is a find in a half. Beautiful, fun and educational story. Loved it.

    • Thanks 🙂 I bought the blue vase for my mother at the Museum whee I work, in the gift shop of the Egyptian Exhibit. I don’t think it is actually Egyptian, but it is a very pretty colour! The Hittys like it a lot!

  2. I laughed along with Sherry when the crocs turned tail on the twins. I’ll be cracking up in the food store again.

  3. Constance is so right – the crocs belong outside and the beautiful flowers should be enjoyed by Constance and her sisters

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