Look Up

Look Up

 The twins didn’t quite believe it when Gilly told them she could see all The Cosmos from our own back garden…all you have to do is lie on the ground and look up!








The twins enjoy astronomy.  They like camping out and setting up their telescope, and it is kind of like looking back in time. Unfortunately astronomical cosmos-viewing usually occurs after Gilly’s bedtime.

Click here for Astronomy Picture of the Day – an awesome website which has a daily infusion of the cosmos, any time day or night!




16 thoughts on “Cosmos-Viewing

  1. Observing the Cosmos…great idea!!! Love the telescope and Gilly’s way too!!! What a creative mind their human has!!!! And she shares with all of us too!!! 😃

  2. what a wonderful little play on words by the delightful Gilly. And of course any photo with the block twins AND Gilly is a win/win/win!!

  3. Ditto Sherry’s comment. Wonderful story. To think that the twins and the mammoth were on this earth when some of the stars they were looking at were actually present. Awesome.
    P.S. AWWWW let Gilly stay up late to see the night sky.

  4. I can still remember when Sputnik went over. We all went out, eyes glued to the night sky, and we SAW IT!!!! Ah, the wonder of it all!! Billie

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