Sailing Passing Cloud

Hoping for Wind For the Upcoming Day of Sailing

Hoping for Wind For the Upcoming Day of Sailing

Tansy and her favourite photographer helped out with sailing the schooner Passing Cloud  when they weren’t just gawking at the scenery or sharing their archaeological expertise with the passengers. Tansy was detailed to inspect the smaller bits of rigging as she has a keen eye for making sure the smallest things are in their right place and in good order.

Inspecting the Foresail Boom Prior to Raising Sail

Inspecting the Foresail Boom Prior to Releasing it From its Cradle and Raising the Foresail.

As you can see she was very thorough in her inspections, making sure everything was ready in advance of raising sail.

Preparing the Foresail Winch for Sail Raising

Preparing the Foresail Winch for Sail Raising

She helped with the lines, which in her mind are similar, though much larger, than the sewing threads that all the Quimper Hittys are so familiar with.

Setting the Foresail

Setting the Foresail


The foresail was frequently raised as it helped stabilize the boat even when motoring to give the passengers a more comfortable ride.

Securing the Foresail

Securing the Foresail

While underway, Tansy would occasionally check the details to make sure all was well.

Foresail Raised to Stabilize Boat in Swell

Foresail Raised to Stabilize Passing Cloud in the Swell

Tansy was very pleased when it was possible to raise more than one sail at a time, though there was always concern for the passengers comfort so raising all the sails was a rare event.


Foresail and Genoa

Foresail and Genoa

Tansy does not mind though as even with just these two sails raised in a brisk wind the Passing Cloud was exceeding 9 knots which is faster than the engine can manage. However, she very much would have liked to voyage with the Passing Cloud during the years she spent sailing the South Pacific.

Below is a video of the Passing Cloud sailing in Juan Perez Sound in Gwaii Haanas. Click on the image to launch the video.




Tansy Inspects the Lazy Jacks

Tansy Inspects the Lazy Jacks

At the end of the day Tansy would inspect the furled sails to make sure nothing would come astray in the evening. This includes an inspection of the Lazy Jacks to make sure they are ready to guide the sails up and, more importantly, down during the next day of sailing.

Tying Down The Main Sail for the Night, with Skipper Matt

Tying Down The Main Sail for the Night, with Skipper Matt

Tansy completed her evening preparations by ensuring the sails were well secured to the booms, and discussed with captain Matt any details from the day that she thought he might want to know about.

A day under sail was always invigorating and Tansy knew she would sleep well on these nights. She has never slept better than when she is aboard a wood boat, sharing wooden dreams with the hull, deck and masts.



24 thoughts on “Sailing Passing Cloud

  1. I can see why the favorite photographer likes to take Tansy along! She is quite the precious little helper. What a wonderful excursion she was on…and we could be part of it thanks o the video! What a treat!!! Thanks to all of you for the sail!

    • Tansy would love to learn to swim, but though her spirit is willing, her pegs prevent any usuful locomotion in the water. She is quite adept at floating though, and isn’t afraid to get wet!

  2. This wonderful picturesque adventure put me in mind of Hitty sailing on the “Diana-Kate” with Captain Preble and Phoebe. I must confess that seeing Tansy hoisting herself up so high was a wee bit scary. I’m sure the passengers felt they were in good hands with Tansy aboard and keeping her keen eye on things. Wonderful story. Loved every bit of it.

    • Tansy is not a daredevil, and wouldn’t go anywhere that was really dangerous, except in an emergency that required very tiny hands! She made friends with some people that had actually heard of the original Hitty, and regaled them with tales of her previous adventures.

    • We are glad you enjoy seeing our part of the world! I quite enjoy the view too, as I haven’t had as many chances to spend time on the water as Tansy and her Favourite Photographer have had.

  3. Tansy and her photographer definitely have an eye out for photographic opportunities. I have so much fun seeing and enjoying the photos!

  4. What a post…both wonderfully entertaining AND informative! Always a treat to see Tansy in her adventuring gear..and she is such a natural on that boat. Great photos.

  5. What a wonderful adventure, on the Passing Cloud in Juan Perez Sound. It seems to me, by looking at the maps that our cruise ship took this route going to Alaska. In Ketchikan, we had the honor of meeting a Haida woman, Merle Hawkins. She told us about their culture which had me spellbound. I love the sail upon the Passing Cloud, which could get much closer to the seals than we did. I can’t imagine the smells, though, closer up! And they are a loud bunch of animals, too! Thanks for the reminder of our wonderful Alaska trip, through the seas in British Columbia. Tansy’s rain gear is adorable and perfect for the trip.
    Celia C

    • Tansy is glad these pictures remind you and your Hittys of your special trip! She is sorry that she was out of town when your ship stopped in Victoria, as she would have liked to compare notes with your girls!

  6. Tansy is quite the traveler and Hitty Vestavia missed meeting her. Although meeting Hittys Constance, Rose, Grianne, and the human was a wonderful event. Thank you.

    • Indeed she did! Tansy and her favourite photographer were seated with Captain Matt at every meal, where they ate fabulous food, and shared her knowledge and experiences with all the guests!

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