Happy Feet



We finished knitting some small socks a week or so ago, and mailed them off to the small feet . Rose was delighted that the small recipient unexpectedly came for a visit, carrying the socks in her backpack.  We were glad we could check the fit.

Grandma matches!

Grandma matches!

Grandma thinks she might knit them a tiny bit bigger next time, but the youngest member of the human family likes her socks short, and she thinks they are perfect!





If the feet are happy, that is all you can ask for from a sock…



…and Rose thinks there might be enough yarn left for a very small blanket…

14 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. Your multigenerational socks are divine!! This reminds me that it is time I knitted a new pair of socks for our grandson! He loves handknit socks. And, so does his Daddy…. LOL… time to get the knitting needles flying.Thank you for the inspiration. I love your smock. Did you make it?

    • I am lucky this little girl still has relatively small feet so knitting her up a pair of socks doesn’t take too long! I did not make the smock, I bought it at “Fibrations 2016” from Spun, Shorn and Flaunted of Saltspring Island. Isn’t it marvelous?!

  2. What a lovely photo of you (Grandma) and the youngest member of the family who came to visit. Your respect for life all over is so encouraging…especially because you use so much color (and sweet dolls) in the process!

  3. What a wonderful time your granddaughter must have when she comes to visit you at the Quimper Hitty home. I can’t think of a better scenario for a child to have. Those socks are so great. The color, the warmth, the fact that they are hand made by her Grandmother. I think it looks as though Rose was indeed very close to that project too. Plus, I remember what a great snug sack it made for little Gilly. The whole project made me smile and feel happy. The photo of you and your little one was precious. Thanks for sharing this lovely story with all of us.

  4. Always makes me happy to see the smallest Quimper human and her Grandmother. Is there anything more delightful then seeing a well loved and cared for child? The socks are great! Love the colors and I bet that wee
    blankie will be just the thing for a wee Gillie!

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