Risso’s Dolphins


Tansy’s Lookout


Tansy and her favourite photographer were on the schooner Passing Cloud in Louscoone Inlet chatting about the wonderful time they had just had watching a Humpback whale for an hour or so (which you can find out more about here). Then they were hailed over the radio by the watchmen from the nearby World Heritage Site SGang Gwaay to be on the lookout for a large pod of sea mammals that looked a lot like Orcas heading towards the anchorage.


So of course, the Passing Cloud turned around and went out the inlet to intercept and Tansy found a secure lookout. Soon she saw a lot of splashing in the distance.


It turned out that they were Risso’s dolphins, a pelagic species only rarely seen close to Haida Gwaii. And there were dozens and dozens of them, probably a hundred or more.


Tansy decided that this was even more exciting than watching the Humpback whale just an hour before.






Below is a video of the Risso’s dolphins. Tansy though it was wonderful to listen to the dolphin-disturbed water which sometimes sounded like a fast mountain stream. In the video sounds are often drowned out by the wind, but Tansy thinks if you listen carefully from about 55 seconds you will get an idea of the sound of dolphins rushing through the water. Click on the image below to launch the video.






Tansy was quite exhausted by the end of this day, but was already getting excited to visit the Haida village of SGang Gwaay the next day.


11 thoughts on “Risso’s Dolphins

    • Constance and I were so lucky – we saw yunuslar when we were in Istanbul!

      We were both happy for Tansy and her photographer friend – they were so lucky to see these dolphins when they were in Haida Gwaii!

  1. Please thank the photographer for such a wonderful post! I thoroughly enjoyed it, probably as much or more than Tansy (if that is possible)!

  2. These photos are chilling. Just want to make our planet safe and habitable for every living creature great and small. Thank You soooooo much for the video also. These animals are simply awesome.

  3. what great photos and the video was SOOO interesting…also loved seeing Tansy at her post. Thank you for such interesting information and visuals.

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