Tansy Visits Hotsprings Island

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The  Passing Cloud stopped at Hotsprings Island (click here for a map). The Hotsprings themselves were a casualty of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in 2012, but seem to be trickling back in a slightly different location. The bath house is no longer in the right place! Watchmen still look after this special place – their cabin is in the background of this picture.

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Tansy walked on the boardwalk and designated paths towards the other interesting parts of the island.

 12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (9)

There were some trails closed for habitat restoration…

12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (13)

…but Tansy was happy to see some salal within reach of the path!

 12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (14)

 Salal is an interesting evergreen plant, and successive stages of the fruit can all be present on the same plant.  The waxy white flowers turn into little green fruit, a bit bigger and they turn red  …

 12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (15)

…and are delicious to eat when they are dark purple!

 12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (8)

One of the old hotspring pools no longer has any warm water, but Tansy sat at the edge and imagined how wonderful it used to be.

Her favourite photographer once made the mistake of calling home to Victoria on a radio phone while soaking in this pool.  The recipient let him know that she was unimpressed at being stuck at home with several children having chicken pox, and wasn’t in the mood for a friendly chat with a loafer.  Since the conversation was on an open radio channel, the photographer spent the next few weeks having many conversations with amused boatmen all over  Haida Gwaii about grumpy wives and chicken pox.


12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (24)

Tansy was blissfully unaware of the historic importance of that rock pool, and found herself a perch on a driftwood log. She was enjoying the vista from lower down, but then she spotted a large boulder over on the beach.

12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (26)

She clambered up the rock and gazed about from higher up…

12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (25)

What a view!  Mountains, islands and shorebirds flitting past!



12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (10)

Tansy walked back towards the boat past an ancient Haida village,


12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (5)

and along the boardwalk and steps…


12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (1)

…to the watchman’s cabin.


12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (21)

One of the watchmen is a Haida weaver named Jiixa, a weaver (click here for her website).


12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (20)

Tansy admired Jiixa’s hat form.


12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (22)

and she wished there had been some dolls to talk with. but alas, they had gone to live elsewhere.


12Tansy_at_Hotsprings (23)

Tansy admired Jiixa’s weavings very much, and tried to have a conversation with the frogs, though they were a bit jumpy.



It was a great visit to the island, Tansy hopes to get back there some day (and the Quimper Hitty human would like to accompany the photographer on a visit to the historical hotsprings at least once!!)

11 thoughts on “Tansy Visits Hotsprings Island

  1. I too think that the mistress behind the QH cupboard should indeed visit that hot springs since it holds memorable times. What a lovely, lovely adventure Tansy has had. Thank you so much for sharing what appears to be, a very serene visit for this adventurous doll.

  2. aha…I had a good chuckle imagining the guff that was handed out to the “favorite photographer” after that open conversation with our beloved Quimper human. Enjoyed the link to the weaving site and of course loved seeing Tansy out adventuring. Such good photography!

  3. Favorite Photographer, your stories go from awesome to hilarious, then thought-provoking in seconds. It has been my heart felt honor to have been able to read, see and drink in these islands with their rich heritage and inspiring people who care for them.

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