Old friends



While the pirate sisters happily clambered on rocks covered in foot-severing barnacles, Constance picked late-ripening strawberries, and Min played with the crabby shore-dwellers, Eugenia visited with her old friend Carline in Bumblebeck Manor.

18 thoughts on “Old friends

  1. What a beautiful Hitty sized sitting room. That chandelier is gorgeous. Eugenia and Carline look so comfortable in those stunning wing backed chairs.

    • It is a perfect spot, near the fireplace, close to the window and a gorgeous view, each with a cosy chair! Their idea of a perfect afternoon includes these, and also friendship, conversation and hopefully tea at some point!

    • Due to the electrification of the dollhouse, the fireplace is only on when the lights are on, and I wanted that lovely daylight coming in the window for the picture. Generally it wasn’t too cool, the big house is quite well insulated and the sun was out most days!

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