Sunny October



Aurelia came on a walk with me…



…and like most of my dolls, she can’t see a pile of driftwood without wanting to climb it!



I am not really sure if it is the exertion they like so well…



….or whether it is the view!

11 thoughts on “Sunny October

  1. What a little darling she is. She is such a splendid addition to the family. I think the allure of that drift wood is
    the exhilaration of the climb AND the view! Also it may be that wood simply calls to wood!

    • I think it is true that my Hittys gravitate towards the humming of trees and plants, Tansy and her favourite photographer have taught them a lot about how to speak to trees. And driftwood isn’t always inert and sad – during a ferocious winter storm here I heard logs being flung against the sea wall in a sort of wild marimba that was shockingly musical.

  2. She looks delighted with her brand new existence. Exploring everything in sight and knowing that she is special and loved. It looks to me like she is interested in those stones as well as the driftwood and that ever so amazing and alluring sea view.

    • Sunny October days like that one are very special – I was so happy to bring Aurelia with me to experience the alluring sea, and the glorious sunshine…she will store up all the sunshiny loveliness in her xylem and phloem, it will seep into her being and she will stay sunny and sweet even during cold winters and hard times.

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