January Books



A cold and stormy few days in our neighbourhood means the Quimper Hittys have been doing stuff inside, mostly involving books. Constance is checking out the new handmade tome that arrived for Christmas…



…Aurelia and Amelia are getting lost in dictionaries…



…and Gilly is creating imaginary worlds for the cats and dolls.


9 thoughts on “January Books

  1. Holding a printed book with paper pages in hand, and sitting in a comfy chair, with a cup of tea and biscuit at the side table is one of life’s pleasures. I see that Constance, Aurelia and Amelia each have their own preference in reading material…as it should be…Dear sweet Gilly has us all beat. Her books have taken her into make-believe places without her even opening up a page. This reminds me of my niece.

    When my niece (who now teaches first grade) was a little girl, my sister was very concerned because she didn’t like to read. We are a family of readers…One day my sister in exasperation asked her, why don’t you like to read books? She looked at her mom and simply stated that “books are for children who don’t know how to play, I know how to play”.

    • We love the point of view of Gilly and your niece regarding books. About thirty years ago, a Librarian in London encouraged me to allow my then baby to enjoy books in any way she wanted to, including eating them! I myself went from Dr Seuss to Tolkein at age 8 because I wasn’t interested anything in anything else in the intervening years.

  2. Ahh books and dolls!!! How does it get any better. And then seeing Gilly building a refuge for the cat and doll. Love the photos , they all look so cozy.

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