Twelfth Night



 It is Twelfth Night!  Time to get all the Christmas Decorations put away.

Off the tree

Off the tree

This family tradition is from the Quimper Hittys’s favourite photographer’s English side of the family.  According to them, the Devil will sit on your chimney if you don’t.

Into the box

Into the box

We’re not sure about that, but it is a good to get stuff de-cluttered and get going on the fresh new year!!


8 thoughts on “Twelfth Night

  1. It is always so nice to declutter a bit. Makes the house look larger! I just noticed the paper chain on the girls tree. How sweet. When informed about the devil on the chimney the Country Hittys were quite pleased that their decorations are now packed safely away!

  2. It is nice to have the decorations out, but the house always looks so much bigger and clearer when they have been put away. The Hittys have had a very quite Christmas here at Rose Cottage, and have decided they will enjoy their decorations one more day and put them away on the 6th January, which seems quite common here.

    I was hoping to get some new storage boxes for our decorations today so I could start with ours, but unfortunately we didn’t get out.

    • I am sure tomorrow will do just as well! The Hittys were more concerned than I was about getting the decorations down. But it is true their cupboard does look larger without the tree and piñata!

  3. Freshness and lack of clutter is certainly a rewarding way to start a new year…thanks for the encouragement, Quimper Hittys!

  4. This time last year I hadn’t even heard of Hitty. If only I had known the turn my life was about to take and the fun adventure that was in store for me and my household. There are now 11 Hitty’s living large in our home and each one is as different from one another as are the trees they started their lives on.
    We too, put away our Christmas decorations and were shocked to see that our human sized decoration’s fit into two plastic boxes with lids…and those tiny little miniature Hitty Christmas Decorations also took two human size plastic boxes with lids for their stuff. They have overtaken our home…and we love it.

    • We are amused that your Hittys decorations take up as much room as yours do! But also very glad, because we are sure that the more “Hitty” there is in the world, the more joy!

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