More Malabrigo

One down, One to go

One down, One to go

Rose has finished knitting a complicated sock…

…now comes the part where we hope the second sock will end up the same size!!



9 thoughts on “More Malabrigo

  1. I am astounded by Rose’s knitting prowess!! I also like her dress. Good day to stay in and knit…cold and cloudy here in Mo.

  2. That sock is looking very nice…trusting the second one will be a good fit too. Those socks would be great for our frigid weather here in the Midwestern US.

  3. I’m with Becky. Warm socks are a must here in the East Coast well. Our temps reached a high of 12° this afternoon with the winds the “real feel” is 7°. B-r-r-r-r.
    Those socks look great. The great thing about slacks is that even if the socks are a little different in length…you couldn’t tell. Plus, knowing who is knitting them… it is very doubtful that perfection won’t prevail.

    • Oh my it does sound chilly! I am (I mean Rose is) getting better at keeping the tension even from one sock to the next, so hopefully I won’t have to hide my socks under my trousers, but if all else fails I might have the most beautiful bedsocks ever!!

  4. Hand knit socks are the best! And, your ‘Rosie’ sock is the best of the best! 🙂 Sock knitting is so deliciously addictive, in the best possible way 🙂 Happiness in the knitting, and happiness in the wearing!

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