Constance went to the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD Broadcast of Nabucco this morning.   Sidney’s Star Cinema is not the closest place we could see the opera, but we love it’s cosy atmosphere and kind hosts. The proprietor kindly offered free cookies to go along with our tea (or coffee), and so we settled into the comfortable seats to listen to one of Giuseppe Verdi’s early masterpieces…

We were not wild about the costumes (too many mob caps on the women, and disconcerting lapels under bathrobes for the men).  The set was great, and we loved the real fires in the torches, especially when they burned down the temple of Jerusalem.  The voices were fabulous!  The most famous chorus, “Va pensiero” was stunning!  They sang it twice! It is a very lovely poem as well as a hauntingly beautiful tune…Constance shed a tear!



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7 thoughts on “Nabucco

  1. so lovely to see Constance attending the opera again. And thanks to Tottietalkscrafts for the youtube links. Glad that Constance enjoyed the performance. she looks quite elegant.

  2. I’ve tried and tried to develop a relationship with opera. The saying goes “it takes two to tango” and opera must be the same. It closes the door to me… Actually, slams the door to me. I know I am missing something that is mesmerizing and I am sad that I have not been invited in.
    I can see that Constance is wearing her wonderful opera dress and I am happy for her when I see that look on her face of being transported and elated by this experience.

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