Friday Flowering Plum

Quilled Basket

Patience is out with her basket this beautiful spring morning…

Blossom Tree

Listening to the birds singing their sweet spring melodies




…and choosing some blossoms to bring inside…




…for her sister who is waiting for a hip replacement.

A Friday bouquet at our house.



13 thoughts on “Friday Flowering Plum

  1. I hope that the surgical wait time is not a long one, and that the recovery time is short and sweet! Lucky Patience to be able to bask in all the flowers outdoors, and lucky Quimper HIttys to enjoy them in the house đŸ™‚

  2. your girls had a lot of outdoor time. Question about the chicken scratch: is your apron you layers of fabric and when you did the chicken scratch, did you go through both layers? Denise Miller

    • I stitched through one layer. On the apron, the hem covers part of the reverse side. On the bonnet, I did embroidery first, and then stitched it, so the reverse side is covered by the bonnet’s lining.

  3. OH my poor sister.. one of the Country Hittys had a close encounter with the resident retriever and now requires an entire leg replacement. We feel your pain dear one. Patience is looking very fetching in her bonnet and pinny ..and her beautiful little basket.

  4. This is beyond adorable. My sister is home recuperating from having her hip replaced. I can hardly wait for her to see this story…we both are over the moon in love with all the Quimper Hitty stories. Thank You for hours of happiness.

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