Weekend Repairs

Standing Up

Constance gave Aurelia a post-surgery hug, and Patience made a pot of tea to celebrate the successful hip replacement…


…but Aurelia dashed off (just because she could dash again)!



Welcome Back!

She scampered up the stairs and over the railings to the balcony where her friends were waiting to play!


So Constance and Patience shared their very satisfying pot of tea with each other.





8 thoughts on “Weekend Repairs

  1. how lovely to see the delightful Aurelia on her feet again! I regret to report that the wounded Country Hitty is still incapacitated! Great photos …as usual!!

  2. Aurelia must have a professional therapist because after having a hip replacement you are required to climb stairs. She is doing great.
    I see that Aurelia isn’t the only Hitty with something new…love Constance’s dress too.

    • Aurelia is happy to live in a house with stairs, and scrambling over the balcony railing is right up her alley too – hooray for therapy that encourages us to do what is needful and delightful at the same time!

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