Elvira almost all Finished

All Alone

I recently tried making my first ever knitted doll.   I planned to call her Elvira, but the youngest member of the human family fell instantly in love, and re-named her Lala…so it was lucky that in fact, I had knitted two sets of arms and legs and two body/heads.

Needle Felting

Not in any way to disparage Lala, but I hoped to give the second doll a rounder head and a more balanced visage. To do this I needle-felted the head, and while I was at it, I also needle-felted the limbs around my green pipe-cleaner armature (where did those white pipe-cleaners go?)




Elvira and Lala

The result is a lovely plump Elvira with a nice shaped face.  Lala and Elvira are side by side so you can see the different faces resulting from the different insides…Next time I will remember to use black roving for the boots! Lala has already experienced a lot of dancing and prancing but Elvira is not quite all finished – she is going to have to wait for hair, features and clothes!!



10 thoughts on “Elvira almost all Finished

  1. What fun dolls you’ve come up with. Lala and Elvira certainly bring a different feeling/texture to the QH household. Lala is lovely and I greatly look forward to Elvira’s eventual entry into your diverse household of dolls.

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