Beach Glass

Bottom of the stairs

Tephra and I walked home along the beach…



View of the pebbles

The tide was ebbing




Tephra found a beach emerald!




…and some glowing pearly glass.



We especially love beach sapphires!




The rock spiral was a good place to rest,




on a convenient log with a nice view to the south!




13 thoughts on “Beach Glass

  1. Wow, your walks home must be something you look forward to each day you walk. Your adventures there allow us a view into your/your Hittys world as well as an adventure for us looking over your shoulder reading in e-land.

    • I do look forward to the walk home every day – even in the dark of winter! We don’t always take the beach route – sometimes the tide is too high, or the winds too strong. That day was perfect!

  2. Nothing beats a treasure hunt. The beaches you live near are so different than the sandy beaches near me. They each off their own magic. The smooth pebbles with their striations and colors are as beautiful as sea shells. My Hitty’s would love to comb them and so would I. The sea glass is a treasure for sure. What a beautiful walk home.That little blue sea glass reminds me of a little bird.

    • We have one sandy beach near here, but it is usually loaded with people sunning themselves, and all packed together like sardines, so we usually stick to the pebbley ones! That wee blue glass reminded me of a bird too!

  3. Perfect place to unwind from daily happenings, a chance to get away and breath in the salty air. We can’t ever go on a beach without a spot of treasure hunting, whether it be for shells, stones or sea glass. The beautiful piece Tephra found is a real treasure.

  4. Oh my goodness- what a heavenly walk and what lovely treasures! Thank you for sharing your walk and your treasures with the adorable Tephra! I’ve been working to deadline this week, so I haven’t had a chance to comment, but I have delighted in the daily adventures of the QH gang 🙂

  5. how special to live near the ocean… So nice that Tephra and her human can take advantage of it. The beach glass is lovely!

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