Saskatoon Berry and Bonnets


After all the millinery in the Quimper Hitty cupboard, the block twins claimed the red straw bonnets.

Young Ladies

Agathe has a crown-and-brim bonnet, and Opal has a clam-shell bonnet.

They felt like elegant young ladies for about one minute…



Tree Climbers

…but then dashed outside to climb the Saskatoon-berry tree.



Saskatoon Blossom

They examined the blossoms…

Flower admirers

…and both decided that life is pretty good when you’re up in a tree with a friend, wearing a fine new bonnet!

16 thoughts on “Saskatoon Berry and Bonnets

  1. Indeed life is pretty good when up a tree, at one with nature with a friend. Wearing their fancy new bonnets as well just adds to the charm of these two.

    • We are all enjoying the Saskatoon Berry tree, the view of which which was previously blocked by the Apple tree! Red bonnets make everything more delightful, we think!

    • Thanks very much! These block twins couldn’t seem to resist climbing up the obliging tree, fancy dresses and bonnets notwithstanding. They have such fun though, I can’t repress their happy natures.

    • I think prairie Saskatoons would be better than coastal ones – ours seem to acquire a certain kind of small wriggly worm that makes eating the berries appealing to humans, though the birds are delighted with them…

      • Our Saskatoons are heavenly. We still have more than a month to see blossoms and fruit, but the wait is worth it. It makes walking the dogs a long slow process as I pick and savour the Saskatoon berries along the riverbank!

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