May the Fourth


Gracia always works hard to get the Carnicería ready to open in the morning… 


…she had a little extra special help today…

May the fourth be with you today too!





10 thoughts on “May the Fourth

  1. Ha! Ha! Great sennse of humour!!!! Sure glad Gracia is taking care of business…looks like she’s quite well established now…and she can cater to her clients needs. Happy Spring…magnolia has a first bloom!!!!!

    • I am so happy to hear about your first magnolia…you are definitely catching up to us! Gracia is so happy to have her own little shop! It is fun to find a little bit here and a little bit there to add to it. We recently found a sharp knife, and all the Argentine girls like the thick steaks she has been cutting with it – they think the Carnicería is the greatest thing that ever arrived at the Hitty cupboard!

    • Little helper is R2-D2, and we found him rolling around disconsolately in Beacon Hill Park! He is glad to have a useful job in the Carnicería, but I’ll ask Gracia if she wants to hire him out!

    • We have a lot of fun in the Hitty cupboard! Jane is glad of R2-D2’s company – the Hittys take after me and are not very interested in housework. Of course, Gracia keeps the Carnicería impeccably clean!

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