Buttercup and Min visited the sunny back garden…


…our new kitty came out with us – she got busy stalking butterflies…




…and the girls got busy picking buttercups!




Min helped Buttercup twist some buttercups together…




…and Buttercup felt like the Queen of the afternoon!

14 thoughts on “Ranunculus

  1. Oh, so nice to see the newest member of the Quimper family. He/she reminds me of the beginning of the Hitty book. Reading about Theobold was what first hooked me in continuing the book. The rest is history. Min and Buttercup seem to have accepted this new member in their stride. Can you share his/her name with us?

    • Our kitty is called Siyah, which means the colour black in the Turkish language! She is much younger and friskier than our old lady cat, and a delight to have around. Theobold is one of my favourite characters in the Hitty story too!

    • Siyah is energetic and bold, and while very affectionate she’s not at all soft and cuddly. She’s hard too photograph, being sometimes too quick and other times too hard to see! She likes to stalk the next-door chickens, but they just ruffle their feathers and cluck at her and she flees!

  2. Siyah looks like the spittin’ image of our Midnight! Except Midnight is 3yrs old now-and still as busy as ever. So happy you have a black kitten join the family.

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