The Quimper Hitty human has gone off on a sailing trip, accompanied by this incipient Butternut Hitty and a few other Hitty friends!

While I’m away, I will post some random images showing the kinds of things the Quimper Hittys have been doing this spring! I will be out of contact with the world for a while, but please do comment, I will answer when I get back into internet range!

10 thoughts on “Carving

  1. I can’t think of a better vacation than being “off grid”. We are all so hooked up with technology that we forget how to “just be” Speaking for myself, please read my comments and don’t respond. Have a complete vacation from responsibilities…even the nice ones.” Peace be with you, dear Quimper human.”

    • It was the most incredible experience, totally immersed in wind, ocean, nature and ancient cultures…very very restorative. I am back in internetland but still processing the trip!

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