Lavender Emergency

Pink Bonnet

Rose received a beautiful new bonnet from by a Hitty friend!

She wore it into the garden early this morning …


…where she discovered that a big branch of lavender was broken off and wilting!




Yellow Bonnet

A lavender emergency! Carrot Soup offered to help bring it in…




…so the girls had a work bee to collect the stems.




Then they made little bunches…




…and hung them up to dry!






6 thoughts on “Lavender Emergency

  1. What conscientious, clever and conservative Hittys live in the QH household. I’ll bet it smells oh so good. Their episodes are so enhanced by such cute little outfits and growing number of pretty bonnets.

    • They certainly love their lavender plant, and are keen to harbour the scent as long as possible – they love to catch a whiff of summer during the long damp winters we have around here!

  2. Gorgeous photos. The photo of Carrot Soup in her yellow bonnet was stunning. And of course the new bonnet is simply perfect for Rose.

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