Fossils and insects


Constance admired this 55 million year old fossil insect!




This is it closer up…look at the antennae!



Constance quite liked the friendly (recent) stink bug too,







6 thoughts on “Fossils and insects

    • Constance is the first doll I ever carved, and I hadn’t got the hang of facial topography yet, so alas there isn’t enough nose! But in fact the stink bug was very polite, and she didn’t need to anyway.

  1. Just read an article about the Stinkbug and how it is spreading across the US. 55 million year old fossil…just imagine…I got all excited when I found a spear point (in the flower bed) that is very very old but not in that category. Imagine finding something like that little bug!!

  2. Yipes! Truth be told, the only way I enjoy most insects is in their fossil form. Constance is a true scientist. One of the few insects I enjoy landing on me…that have antennae… are butterflies.

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