A little rain usually wouldn’t slow the block twins down – they normally just put on some raingear, and head out to play!





But it has been very stormy here in Quimperland! The paths are under water…




…and the thickets seem particularly thick.




…so the twins scampered to the nice dry woodshed…




…where they found some other friends sheltering from the storm…




…and so they organised a jolly game of follow-my-leader!




12 thoughts on “Damp

  1. No one can make lemonade out of lemons like the twins can. They can turn damp and dreary into a wonderful enjoyable day. Every photo of their fun was entertaining and engaging. Loved It!!

    • I must say, that although the block twins have not been on the blog a lot lately – they haven’t exactly been quiet! Our winters can be drear so we are especially glad of their jolly point(s) of view – it cheers us up a lot!

  2. This is such a cheery story for me to read too. It is cloudy, damp and dreary here too in the Midwestern USA. Thank you block twins for the fun.

  3. especially love that wee felted fox! The twin do have a good time regardless of the weather!! A real talent to find ones joy no matter the obstacles!

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