A Day in Haines Junction

Morning stroll

Constance went for a little stroll before the sun came up at ten in the morning…



Mountain Dawn

…and gazed in awe at the spectacular Mountains!  Haines Junction in the December dawn was breath-taking (not because of the cold either)!



Beaded leather hanging

We spent the rest of the day at Da ku, the cultural centre of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations.




As part of the Haines Junction Mountain Festival, we admired exhibits, saw films and did some sewing projects.



Sharon Kabanak

Sharon showed us how to make regalia for very small persons…



Evening stroll

Constance went for a little stroll before the sun went down at about 3 pm…



A Post

…and posed on a post in the falling snow!



12 thoughts on “A Day in Haines Junction

    • The doll-making was planned for the following day, but since we were not sure of the timetable, I asked whether I could make a start on the clothing, alter the size to fit Constance, and begin ahead of the workshop. Sharon very kindly said agreed – and Constance was grateful and lucky, and it was fun sitting and sewing!

  1. Oh my…what a special entry in the ongoing adventures of the Quimper Hittys. What a great time you must be having at the cultural center and in that stunning setting. I also love the new regalia cape. Interesting how well Constance fits into these scenes.

    • We did have fun – the food was amazing, the people were interesting and the displays really unique and fascinating. There is so much to learn, so many different old ways and new ways to learn about, and old friends and new friends to spent time with.

    • The trip was only a few days long, but it was an amazing and unforgettable time. We were happy to have lessons (and materials, patterns, sinew and beads) from a sewing expert from the community!

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