November Chill


Well, the weather forecast was right, and balmy Victoria is -1 and snowy today…


…Tansy had to get out her Winnipeg winter gear!

14 thoughts on “November Chill

  1. My goodness…snow already in your region. I too am glad that the QH household is prepared with winter gear. May there be many cozy snacks available too.

  2. Hard to believe Victoria gets snow before cold East coast!!! We had hurricane force winds on Sunday night and six giant maple trees are now laying on the ground…but no snow! Glad QH woodens came prepared for the cold!!!

    • Tansy got that coat in a swap with a Hitty friend – isn’t it marvelous? The snowflake buttons are perfect…we have some plans for the weekend, but some of it will be spent snuggling next to the woodstove.!

    • The green is very visible, and also cosy…Tansy loves the hood and mittens too! Who knew she’d need to get out the Winnipeg-worthy coat though, normally at this time of year the girls are dressed in Helly Hansen!

  3. Tansy looks as though she is ready for whatever comes her way… We do love winter weather in our home…but not this early. Winter shouldn’t be in such a hurry to arrive.

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