New Kimonos

Patience’s new Kimono

Patience has a very good friend in Japan.  Kumiko approved of the Kimono I made last month, but had some suggestions on how to make it more authentic.  She said she herself wanted to see Patience dressed in a Kimono properly. She  sent me some fabrics to make even more Kimonos for the Quimper Hittys.  I haven’t started that project yet as I wanted to get the purple one just right first before I started on the silk ones!

The New Kimono made by Kumiko.

To help me get it right Kumiko made a little Kimono for Patience, so I could see the places where I needed to alter the purple one.  Patience likes this Kimono because it is a pretty fabric, and very comfortable.  The ties are attached to the Kimono, the right one passes through the gap in the sleeve and both  of them meet at the back and are tied in a bow…This is acceptable for a child’s Kimono.



Constance wearing the under Kimono

To adjust the purple Kimono, I unpicked the centre back seam and re-stitched the underarm seams to the proper length. I also let down the hem as much as I could, so I could increase the waist tuck.  The back seam is stitched straight, but I see in the following pictures it is not positioned as well as it could be.

The goal is to have a cylindrical shape, and fortunately Constance is that shape naturally, so she will get dressed in the purple Kimono….first she puts on the yellow under Kimono. This is not a completely authentic shape, but it is better than going without undergarments.


The following Gallery shows the process of Hitty Constance putting on the Kimono.  It is not easy to dress a small doll completely authentically, and I took a couple of liberties, such as attaching the Obiage to the pillow inside the Obi Knot, and also pinning the obi in place while I got the Obihimo tied properly. I am not an expert…but Kumiko thought the result looked correct.  There are many styles of tying the Obi knot. In this instance I copied the Obi from a doll given to me by a Japanese lady.  Kumiko says that style of Obi is worn by Classical Japanese dancers performing the Nihon Buyo dance, or by apprentice Geisha (Maiko).


6 thoughts on “New Kimonos

  1. Gorgeous and informative! Thanks for posting the step by step process. I missed the bottom words – my screen wouldn’t go any lower and changing the size didn’t help. I don’t know if anyone else had the problem, too. Words or no words, the pictures are invaluable!!!! Love it!!

    • Sorry you can’t see all the words, maybe your monitor is a different shape than mine? I will have to wait for the “technical help” (who is away for another week) to come back to ask if it can be changed…

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