A Day in Whitehorse

The Klondike

In Whitehorse, the sun came up at around 10am !!!



Yukon River

The late morning dawn on the Yukon River was beautiful!



Hitty’s worst Nightmare

Constance was a little alarmed at the evidence of nearby beavers…



Alpine Bakery Cafe

but she was mollified by an excellent blueberry almond whole wheat scone and chai latte from the Alpine Bakery on Main Street.



Slippers made by Beverly Kitli

…and a visit to the Bearpaw Gift Shop, where she had fun looking at Hitty sized slippers…




…and she didn’t have any trouble persuading the humans to get her a pair to complete her outfit.



17 thoughts on “A Day in Whitehorse

  1. Oh, Constance,

    I LOVE your new slippers and beaded vest! You look so cosy in them. But, of course, you deserve them after your nerve-wracking close encounter with a woodevor. I don’t think that human people quite understand that a wood chewing beaver is as alarming a thought for we Hittys as a man eating tiger might be for them. I am shuddering at the thought of being within a mile of those enormous front teeth!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure with us again. We have our first snow of the winter here in Wales.It is only 4 inches deep, but still falling. So pretty!

    Much love,
    Meg Not-Quite-Hitty xxxx
    PS Mary is helping to wax bath our new friend,Winberry Hitty. Our Person wishes she could talk to you abour delicate matters such as Hitty hair styles.

  2. Constance looks like a native Yukon girl…If this wooden should write her memoirs, it would be a best seller!!! She leads a fashionable adventurous life and we are privileged to witness it all! Thank you and have a great time.

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how frozen I felt looking at the photos, UNTIL, the chai latte showed up in one of them….then, all was well, Constance was shod and warmth again entered the scenario. Stay warm! It looks so cold.

  4. Wow, what an adventure the Quimper humans and Constance are enjoying. Thank you for sharing. Also add me to the list of those admiring the vest and the new matching moccasins!!

  5. It is certainly an adventure! We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves! I Made the vest on Constance’s first trip up here, but it is the first time we have found tiny slippers. You can imagine how exited we were when we spotted them in the shop.

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