Tiny Spiders

Spider Nursery

Spider Nursery

Opal and Agathe are interested in animals of all sizes – these ones were hatched in our own back yard…

Opal Counts

Opal Counts

Up to 2,500 baby orb-weavers can come out of a single egg sac!

Agathe Measures

Agathe Measures

each spiderling is smaller than a pin head!

Tiny Spiders

Tiny Spiderlings

Aren’t they astonishing little beings!


8 thoughts on “Tiny Spiders

    • you are welcome – the Hittys favourite photographer took the last one with his fancy camera and close-up lens! We liked that you could actually see all eight legs on the little arachnids in that last shot!

  1. Those are some very tiny spiders! The girls are very brave . Nice to know these are OUTSIDE!! Really neat that you were able to get these photos.

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