Hari Kuyou 2018

Blunt needles and bent Pins

Aurelia has stuck blunt needles and bent pins into a block of tofu.


Because we live in a household which is deeply involved with textiles and needlework, we think it appropriate to acknowledge Hari Kuyou.

Click here for a link to a site which explains this custom.




After stitching many clothes and quilts for Hittys and humans last year, it is time for the weary needles and pins to retire. They have been forced through stiff fabrics for so long, and they now get to rest, being pushed into the soft tofu with grateful prayers, and left as offerings at a Shinto shrine.




As far as we know, there is only one Shinto Shrine in Victoria, located at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The human wasn’t able to manage a visit this year to celebrate properly, but we are glad to do our best at home.




8 thoughts on “Hari Kuyou 2018

  1. What a lovely, endearing, GOOD little custom to learn of! one could add one’s gardening tools, and the screwdriver that I misused … You are a beloved treasure yourself – may your ability to lift our spirits and keep them engaged be forever renewed. I thank you!

  2. I am fascinated by this ritual..thanks for sharing that link. Such wonderful respect given to theses traditional tools of women and to the women themselves. Aurelia is lovely in her oh so correct Kimono. Great pics. Thank you!!

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