A Sunshiny Tea Party

Sunny Colours

Yellow is a good colour for encouraging the spring!

Yellow Hats

The girls are having a Yellow Tea Party, so Aurelia is wearing a yellow felt Bonnet…



Yellow clothes

…and Min is wearing her yellow dress.



Yellow Necklace

Tuesday feels very elegant in her yellow necklace…



Yellow duck

…and Gilly is happy with her yellow bonnet because she was allowed to bring her yellow ducky…



Yellow chair

Carrot Soup, resplendent in her yellow hat and pinafore, gets to sit on the spool of yellow thread!!

We hope spring sunshine and warmth will arrive soon where you live, and if it is lagging, we recommend tea parties, yellow bonnets and fresh flowers!





12 thoughts on “A Sunshiny Tea Party

  1. What a wonderful tea party…makes me want to put on some yellow…and adorable sweet Gilly just continues to melt my heart…this party brightened up my day. Thank you.

  2. This is such a delightful set of photos. The lighting is gorgeous and the dolls and accessories are just as sweet as they can be. I love the last whimsical detail of Carrot Soup sitting on the thread spool. I’d love to get a closer look at the doll wearing the straw hat and printed shawl. What I can see of her outfit is very intriguing.

    • Nothing like early morning golden daylight to make a picture beautiful!
      Constance is wearing the Provençal outfit that I made for her in 2010 – we were considering whether to pack the outfit for an upcoming trip, and Constance tried it on to see whether it still fit!
      Here is a link to a blog post where you can see the outfit more completely: https://wp.me/p1VTqd-1ey

  3. This is just perfect. Nothing like a bit of sunshine to quiet and brighten the mind, and with such delightful smiles who could not help but to be cheered by this tea party. Wonderful. Such happy girls.

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