Bedrock Beach


Carrot Soup walked down to the beach where the bedrock has been scraped into smooth glacial striations…




…some with fissures…




…that lead to the very edge of the salt water.




She found the remains of an otter’s lunch…



Velella velella

…and some dried up “By the Wind Sailors”…




 …and she gazed at the waves, but didn’t see a whale!




6 thoughts on “Bedrock Beach

    • It has been a gloomy winter, we find sunny days like these so encouraging! The By the wind sailors don’t come here all that often, but are so curious and interesting when they do.

  1. These photos are mesmerizing. The bedrock near the ocean reminds me of Georgian Bay’s granite…I am hoping that the fissures aren’t very deep…Carrot Soup seems steady on her feet though so I’m, not worried. I think that a walk in heaven couldn’t be any more enthralling. Sheer Bliss!

    • The world is full of geology! We love the scraped surface, we can imagine hundreds of meters of ice above us, and the weight and movement of other stones that created the grooves in the rock!Carrot Soup’s little feet are a tad uneven after her foot replacement surgery, but that’s why she finds undulating rocks perfect for her!

  2. How exciting to have an ocean in your neighborhood! The land locked Country HIttys are amazed at your photos. Carrot Soup is so photogenic!

    • The Pacific Ocean around here is quite temperamental. It enjoys flinging itself the shore in stormy weather and lulling us on calm days…it is easier to persuade me to go down to the rocks on warmer days, though the Hittys are ready for any adventure at the drop of a hat, whatever the weather!

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