Quilted Skirt


I made Constance some special clothes while I was visiting France a few years ago, using fabrics I bought in Aix-en Provence. She wore her outfit when we went for a stroll on the thyme-scented hillsides near Cabriès.




I ended up with the brightly coloured outfit I wanted, but the texture wasn’t perfect. When I got home I made her a lacy linen cap.




Last weekend, I decided to unpick the waistband and back seam of the skirt, then I pressed it flat, and attached a scalloped hanky as a skirt lining.

The already quilted hem of the skirt encouraged me to leave the bottom 2 cm of the hanky unstitched – I like the way the scallops give the lining a petticoat effect.




I am much happier with the result…




…and Constance agrees that the heavier folds and quilted surface approaches the look of a Provençal girl’s outfit – but she requests that I please make her a nice straw hat to complete the ensemble!






12 thoughts on “Quilted Skirt

  1. Bet Constance is the envy of all those Provence girls!!!! Great job, superb results! Your fingers work magic.

    • Constance and I are glad you think she might blend in…though we do still need to make a straw hat, then maybe we can go and gather lavender and thyme on those hills again!

    • I think the collection is here in the Quimper Hittys blog! But it probably takes too long to look at it all…I do really enjoy making these clothes for the dolls and they enjoy wearing them.

  2. Your textile talents are amazing, adorable and useful. You continue to surprise me with the wonderful and endearing outfits you create. You also fill my life with the most wonderful stories. K, you are a complete and total treasure.

  3. Ahhhh, perfection! Constance is the very image of a Provencial Maiden. I agree that your addition of the quilting made it perfect!! now you need to make her that straw hat!

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