Pictures of Pip and Ginny


Ginny and Pip helped choose flowers to bring inside…




I have been asked what I do when I take photos, but there is no quick answer – every picture is different!

Here some of the things that work for me when setting up a photo on the kitchen table on a sunny day: a lazy susan base which I can swivel to get the best angle of view, or to catch the light; a paper window blind between the direct sunlight and the subject; birch plywood  board for the background; a shiny reflector leaning on my tea mug.



window blind diffused

This is a picture of the girls with the direct natural sunlight diffused with the paper and bamboo window blind…I like the relatively plain background, as you can concentrate on the story without too many distracting things going on in the background.




Here are the girls are, spot-lit with the reflector. I find it helps focus attention on the action at the centre of the picture.




…and here is the picture with no diffusing window blind, and no spot light.  I actually like the shadows in this one.  I would have a hard time choosing which I like best, but it might depend on whether it is going to be a stand-alone picture or part of a story.



For backgrounds I use various things including wooden boards that I swap out depending on what I want…a wooden shingle for “rustic”, a bit of birch plywood for neutral backgrounds and an end of pine board for something knotty. For texture I might use tea towels or pieces of fabric, draped over the board, or over a bent piece of cardboard. Sometimes I use the paper window blind!

You can set up a reflector if there is a particular spot that needs more light – I use one of those shiny discs that come under cakes! I prop it up using whatever is handy, even my tea mug!

If the light is too harsh, you can diffuse it. I often use use the broken end of a paper-and-bamboo window blind, taped to the window or propped up somehow between the sunlight and my set-up…or you might decide you like the shadows!

Some of these set-ups, and others are visible in the “about” section of my blog.

I think the most important thing is to take advantage of the light, and the second most important thing is to keep taking pictures and trying different things out!!

I am not a professional photographer, but I have been practicing since starting this blog in 2012, and these are some of the ideas that work for me!



12 thoughts on “Pictures of Pip and Ginny

    • You are welcome! I am happy to share what works for me even if it is just stuff from around the house. It also helps living in the same house as the Hittys’ favourite photographer – though his tips are more technical, and he is out of town a lot.

  1. Your generosity is one of a kind…many people guard their techniques sort of like the gals who won’t share their recipes…the info you just shared is fabulous…I especially am thrilled to see what a reflector can do…that solves many a photo dilemma for me. Thank You.

    • Thanks very much – I have fun figuring these things out. Sometimes even with the knowledge it takes practice to get it right, and as long as it keeps being fun, I will keep practicing!

    • Pip and Ginny had to be patient and pose for a long time…They didn’t have much trouble afterwards dispatching that ice cream cone, but they got rather sticky in the process.

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