Tansy and the Glass Ceiling


Tansy discovered an interesting structure on the floor of Queen B’s in the village of Queen Charlotte!





There were lots of hand holds and foot holds so Tansy climbed up as far as she could…




…but then she banged her head against a glass ceiling!




…however, she is used to surmounting, avoiding, and generally overcoming even invisible obstacles…




…and was rewarded for her perseverance.

Tansy and her favourite photographer have now gone “off-grid” so we’ll have to wait a few weeks to hear about her 2018 adventures on the Passing Cloud.



Please  click here  to see the website of Outer Shores Expeditions, which Tansy and her companion will be joining shortly…

and if you want to see where Passing cloud is right now, click here!





6 thoughts on “Tansy and the Glass Ceiling

  1. The room that Tansy found herself in holds very interesting objects.I trust that her tireless toils and end reward did not clog her xylem. She’s a sturdy adventurer.

    • You have described Tansy perfectly – and fear not, her xylems are unclogged and she is ready for further adventures…it will be hard for the rest of the Quimper Hittys to be patient – we won’t hear about any of the adventures until they are over!

  2. I’ve been away from my keyboard for a few days and was delighted to find that Tansy is on another Passing Cloud adventure. Our household enjoys them so much.
    I just finished reading a Louise Penny book “A brutal telling” and it had the adventure go to Queen Charlotte island and Haida Gwaii…with the watchman and totems. Of course, my mind went directly to the wonderful photos you’ve posted and seeing them in my mind while I read the book was just great.
    I look forward to vicariously enjoying this adventure too. You are a talented story teller and you have a kind and generous soul and have enriched my life in sharing these things.

    • We are happy that Tansy was able to go off adventuring again with her favourite photographer, but alas we won’t hear about the wonders or the fun until she gets back at the end of August. They always have some new view of the world to report! It is an incredible place – and Tansy and F. P. are glad to share their experiences there.

  3. that is one very interesting structure! Hope that Tansy and the Favorite Photographer have a successful sojourn.

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