Honey Spas 2018


Just in time for August fourteenth, we found this perfect bottle…


Constance went over to a particularly Bee-y corner of the garden…




…and picked some lovely flowers to bring indoors.




In Russia and Ukraine, it is believed that this is the day the bees stop collecting nectar, roses stop blooming, the swallows start their migration south and the dew on the grass becomes cold.  This celebration marks the beginning of the end of summer…Happy Honey Spas.  We hope people everywhere are able to celebrate a joyful and abundant honey harvest!




8 thoughts on “Honey Spas 2018

  1. This is one of my favorite celebrations that you’ve brought to life for us.

    Along those lines, my husband thought his hive had probably died over the winter…there were some survivors, but lo and behold, a wild swarm has made it’s way into the hive. We ARE looking forward to some truly special honey harvest this year.

  2. I’ve never heard of August 14th and the honey holiday. It’s a wonderful way of celebrating the “almost over summer”. We have an apiary nearby that we go to for our honey so we will be going today for sure.

    Here in Eastern U.S. we have been besieged with storm after storm and this beautiful, sunny, cherry, yellow color pallet in todays story is a sight for sore eyes.

    • We hope your storms end soon! Isn’t the honey blessing day a great thing to celebrate? We don’t always manage to celebrate Nut and Apple Spas, but we always try to do something to mark the Honey Spas. The bees were busy today almost as if it were their last chance!

  3. What a delightful holiday. (and photos) We have hives on the edge of the field that belong to a farmer up the road a ways. He said there might not be much honey this year . We are just hopeful his hives survive and thrive. Love those pollinators.

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