Universal Truths


The forest fires have made the air hot and smoky for the last few days…but Constance always has enough energy to read her favourite book!




She and Patience decided to read aloud to each other, taking it in turn.



The Beginning

Constance opened the book and began reading the famous words…




…they were both too hot for philosophy, but literature was OK.




8 thoughts on “Universal Truths

  1. Constance and Patience have both shown good taste in how to pass your hot, smoky days. I’m wondering if how red the sun was yesterday at sunset as well as somewhat grayer skies (IMO) is an indication that we may be seeing some effects of those fires too?

  2. I’ll just admit here that I’ve never read this book. Some are scandalized by that, since I love reading so much. I wonder if Constance and Patience think I’ve missed a lot?

    • I think 19th century novels appeal to some people and dolls, but not to others…My girls are sure that you have read some gems that they have never heard or, or will not get around to trying…they say – read on, whatever your subject!

  3. I love reading. I still like the feel of a book in my hands. There is something about curling up in my favorite chair with a good book and a cup of tea that never ceases to delight me. Depending on my frame of mind I have read everything from C.S. Lewis to Austen to J.K. Rowling and can still smile as I thumb through Dr Seuss.

  4. We are a very literary bunch here on the farm and everyone enjoyed the photos of Constance reading. And yes it is a fine book indeed.

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