Orange Apples

Worm Gear

We received a bag of Cox’s Orange Pippin apples at Thanksgiving!  Carrot Soup immediately got to work…



Cranky work

…turning the crank on the venerable apple-peeler/corer.




Apple Coil

It makes quick work of apple-processing…




The slices are dipped into a vat of water with a splash of vinegar…




…and then arranged on the trays of the dehydrator…



Pile of Peels

…and the peels go to the compost.




Carrot Soup thinks the peeler/corer is a great invention, and is glad the Hittys have one too – small enough to fit in the Hitty Cupboard’s kitchen cupboard!



10 thoughts on “Orange Apples

  1. How very handy to have a big apple peeler as well as a Hitty-sized one. The larders sound like they will be well-supplied this upcoming winter season. Dear Carrot Soup looks to have been a big help.

    • She was a big help! We are angling for another bag of windfalls – the processing goes so quickly it almost doesn’t seem like work – just a bit of fun and a sticky counter top afterwards!

  2. YUM!!! Is there anything that says Autumn like the harvest of apples? Viewing this gives me a hankering for apple crisp. That apple peeler looks so handy…and leave it to our Quimper human to find a Hitty sized peeler. Just adorable.

  3. Your Hitty size apple corer/peeler is amazing! Which company made it? I use the apple corer/peeler for apple pies too! Wonderful invention.

  4. that Hitty size apple peeler is quite the show stopper! Carrot Soup is such a hard worker. I think you have inspired me to get out my dehydrator and go to work!

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