November 2



Tinkling the ivory keys

In early November Rose decided to practice some seasonal music…



…while the human and some of the Quimper Hittys are off to the Ozarks. There they plan to make the acquaintance of some Hitty friends and bring home a sister! We will respond to comments upon our return!




8 thoughts on “November 2

    • Rose is happy to share her music with you, though she thinks a couple more weeks of practice will perhaps make the tunes tinkle more delightfully. she is hoping to enlist some of the girls to sing along in a Hitty Cupboard choir!

    • We adore this piano, which we found in a thrift store! The Quimper Hittys sing very enthusiastically when Rose gets them going, though she wishes they would also keep time and sing in tune!

  1. Rose, your piano and chair are wonderful. Judging by the humming coming from our Hittys…I think they can hear your beautiful music.

  2. GOodness that is one fine piano! I am sure that Rose is an accomplished musician, The Country Hittys have acquired a piano but it is in need of some repair before any concerts can be performed. This has inspired us to start those repairs.

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