Writing Desk Repair

Writing Desk

The Quimper Hitty human discovered a very small and lovely old writing desk in an antique store…there were a few small broken pieces that needed to be fixed:

The lid hinges had been repaired at some point, and fixed to the desk on one side with carpet tacks;

Several pieces of moulding were missing;

The left lid support knob was missing.

So…repairs were needed.



Wood Glue

First the hinge repair… the carpet tack holes were filled with tiny plugs made from whittled matchsticks…




…and left to dry before cutting them flush.




The original screws left in the desk lid were flat topped, but we could only find dome-headed screws locally. Luckily our friend The Dollhouse Lady had some – we sent her the measurements, and she sent us some miniscule flat-headed screws – Thank you Dollhouse Lady!




Even these tiny screws were a tiny bit too long, so we cut them shorter! To do this, we pinched the tips with tape.  This was both to hold on to, and also so the wee small thing didn’t fly away when we snipped off the end.




We soaked the new screws in vinegar, to age them up a bit, and take off the shine…




…then tightened them into place…



Writing Desk Lid

…and the desk lid was fixed!!

…now to see about replacing the moldings…




18 thoughts on “Writing Desk Repair

  1. Glad I could be of service. You sure did a great job! Ever considered opening up shop? My girls certainly would trust you with their repairs. There seems to be no limit to the skills in your hands!!! Can’t wait to see the desk in its glory.

    • I could not believe my eyes when I spotted the desk in the store! The broken pieces seemed fixable to me, though my furniture repair experience has been very limited so far. I am enjoying the process!

  2. Wonderful desk! Desks are some of my favorite types of furniture. I am so glad your household and friends contain the knowledge to repair this worthy piece.

  3. This is a stunning piece. It will be quite a feature in the Hitty Cupboard, especially after such skilled restoration. Congratulations!

    • We were pretty excited to spot it in the shop! I am glad I have some relevant knowledge and experience through my museum conservation work, and also encouraging friends and relations (and dolls) who believe in me!

  4. That desk is gorgeous. What a magnificent find. As always, your repairs and how you do them are so interesting and the result is wonderful.

    Is that a miniature or human size…I was wondering if it was one of the wonderful sample finds that woodworkers of old used to show clients what a true size piece would look like.

    • The desk is tiny, a little taller than a Hitty!
      It could be a Salesman’s sample, or possibly a Journeyman’s ‘exam piece’
      In any case, we are so pleased that it arrived in the Hitty cupboard!

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