Tansy’s Tools of the Trade


Tansy spent some time in the Christmas Tree guarding a present that had her name on it…




When she opened the box, she found a  sterling silver trowel with a gold-wrapped handle, and a handy lanyard-loop.





Last year Tansy lost her archaeological Trowel in a pile of 13,00-year-old backfill, but the Hitty’s favourite cutler T C Vollum made her this perfectly beautiful replacement!



Ready to Dig

Trowels are the one essential all-purpose tool for an Archaeologist – Tansy was lost without her old one…now she is ready for work in 2019

She loves her beautiful gift … thank you tc!



17 thoughts on “Tansy’s Tools of the Trade

    • TC certainly is wonderful….Tansy is extremely happy to benefit from her expertise. Just at the moment, Tansy is examining Ashley’s Book of Knots in hopes of finding a lanyard knot that is worthy of the trowel! Happy New Year to you and your crew too!

  1. oh my…that is not only an essential tool of the trade but an artwork!!! Tansy is right to have guarded it closely. What a great Christmas gift to the little archaeologist.

  2. Tansy takes her work at heart…and she has the best friends an accomplished archeologost can have! Congrats to both the giver and the recipient. A true work of art crafted with love and with a special one in mind…❤️

  3. What a fabulous gift, Tansy! I am thrilled to know a fellow Hitty who has a career in archaeology. I’m an armchair historian but wouldn’t have the courage to travel as far as you do, so reading of your exciting adventures and the things you find and learn about is always a treat for me.
    With much love and thanks,
    Roberta N-Q-Hitty xx

    • Tansy has a great time out in the ancient world…she is glad to be able to share her experiences with everyone, and it makes her happy to hear that you appreciate the accounts of her adventures!

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